Balloon Decor

Make your Corporate Function or Themed Event Ama"zing" !

Corporate Functions

At Zing-A-Gram Event Planning balloons are used at corporate functions to create a unique theme. The mood is enhanced with our colorful, theme balloon sculptures and centerpieces. In this environment, your audience will be primed to get your message!

For example, if your message is to motivate your sales teams by offering a trip to a tropical destination, we will help them envision relaxing on a beach in the sun with palm trees. Zing-A-Gram balloon creations will transport your employees to the destination! A Zing-A-Gram event will motivate your staff!

Unique Themes

Introducing our "Hit the Beach" theme:

Maybe the winning sales person will receive a cruise!
"Seafarin' Theme"will transport your sales people to the many blues of the ocean with some nautical hints:

Elegant Wedding Decor

Making your wedding dreams come true!!

Zing-A-Gram Wedding Decor adds the finishing, formal touches to your reception.

Classic balloon decor offers brides a simple and flexible way to transform the reception hall into a celebration. Spiral garland columns, swags and arches can add a formal, dramatic look to your special day. Our graceful Cherish Heart walk-thru adds a dramatic entrance for the bride and groom to walk under as they enter the reception!

What sets Zing-A-Gram apart from other decorating firms is our ability to fill your space with elegant decor quickly and easily. Zing-A-Gram Wedding Decor will help you:

    • Maximize your decor budget
    • Get the most atmosphere, visual impact, excitement and value for your dollars.

Zing-A-Gram wedding decor will help establish visual paths for the eyes to follow. The highlighting of key areas of your reception (entrance, head table, buffet, dance floor, cake table) will draw attention to these areas. This will allow your guests to know that something special is about to occur in these areas.