Singing Telegrams

Have you ever been "ZINGED?"

If you have, you certainly will remember it with fond memories! When you order a Zing-A-Gram, a costumed entertainer performs a comical routine and sings a personalized song written to roast the recipient(s). The ordering process has been streamlined to create convenience and ease for you. Simply give us general information about your party. We'll help you choose a character and ask you to fill out a questionnaire about the recipient or group. It's that simple.

A Zing-A-Gram singing telegram consists of:

  • A comical, singing performance lasting a minimum of 20-30 minutes
  • Interactive comedy with the audience
  • A costumed character of your choice
  • A personalized script presented on parchment to the recipient(s)
  • And a big round of good wishes sung by all

Zing-A-Gram Entertainment chooses only top notch vocalists, musicians and actors. All performers have been specifically chosen because they possess personality, charisma and charm needed to be a successful performer. You can be assured that all of our performances are done in extremely good taste and are suitable for both adults and children.

Costumed Balloon Delivery

Our costumed balloon delivery consists of:

  • 15 minute comical performance with favorite character
  • 9 bright, latex helium balloons with 3 matching theme foils arranged with weighted decorative base.

Zany & Lovable Characters

Our Talented performers sing and dance along with a personalized script that suits your event....from A to "Z"!

Tuxedo, Gorilla, Zinging Clown, Bunny Rabbit, French Maid, Playful Bunny, Irish Maid, Granny Bunny, Nurse Josephine McGillicuddy, Sadie the Bag Lady, Professional Middle Eastern Belly Dancer, Kid's Characters, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny...and many, many more!

Celebrity Impersonators

Cameo appearances by these and other popular personalities in our stable of stars are sure to amuse and amaze your guests.

Marilyn, Dolly, Mae West, Ernestine the Operator, Minnie Pearl, Neil Diamond, Flo the Waitress, Bill Clinton, Elvis...and many, many more!

Holiday Characters

Our holiday characters will liven-up any holiday party.

Dolly Claus, Singing Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Christmas Sadie the Bag Lady, Elves, Snow Bunny, Singing Heart, Cupid, Easter Bunny...and many, many more!